Personally…of course!!! why don’t we all go to Copenhagen this week and pledge our statement! If golf is gonna be in the olympics then why not yoyos?

worlds is the yoyo olympics

it’s not THE OLYMPICS though cause then someone could beat Michael Phelps and no one could ever beat his record…

Why not?

It’s not played in 75 countries over 4 continents for men participants and 40 countries/3 continents for women. And it needs 2 international championships.

ouch… Ok vote then anyway or maybe I’ll just lock it…

Yoyos cannot be judged on an Olympic level.

It won’t work.

every idiot non-golfer can understand why and how the winners won and the losers lost.
virtually no serious yo-yoers can accurately explain the same in the context of competitive yo-yoing.

Why would I go to Denmark?

Really?This was supposed to be partially a joke you guys took this way too seriously so just forget it…