Should I Trade...

You know what we need, guys? A “Should i do this trade thread.” I’ve seen people ask for recommendations, but there isn’t a a thread devoted exclusively to it. So, I’ll will ask the first question, and after my problem is resolved, people can post in here asking should they trade or not. If this is stickied, that would be even better.

My question is :
Orbitron 5000(Very near mint) + Radian Gen 2 (MIB) + 3x3 V-Cube in exchange for:

Ninja Hurdles Chief(Mint)

No way.
Unless you want to.

My opinion (as a layman) is that it’s better to make your own post regarding trades, otherwise the replies get jumbled and are confusing sort out.

Noooooooo v cubes suck. Trust me.

Go for the chief and don’t look back!!
It’s seriously the best throw of alltime.


I believe he is trading away the vcube. And the vcube is a big step up from a Rubiks brand so I wouldn’t say it sucks. It’s speedcubeable. It is in no way my favorite cube but its not that bad.

I agree. It was a nice idea but it does get jumbled and confusing.

I would say no to that one. Chiefs are nice, but in my opinion isn’t worth trading two SPYYs for one. Then again, keep in mind YYE did a deal where you buy a SPYY Amplifier and get another SPYY for free, but also keep in mind all SPYYs are discontinued.

Yeah seems like too much for the chief. If he added some cash to even the trade that would help. But it doesn’t seem like a fair trade.

Orbitrons and radians are not very popular

The orbitron isn’t mint so it’s not really collectible

Chiefs however are extremely popular and there’s always people looking for chiefs. The ninja hurdles isn’t a bad colorway as well. There might be somewhere around a $5-10 discrepancy but I’d chalk that up to popularity and ease of selling the chief unless you listed your stuff on ebay where the spyys would probly sell better but then you’d be losing a chunk in percentages to ebay.

If you want a chief do it. I’ve owned a radian and chief along with having thrown an orbitron. I enjoyed the play of the chief a lot more myself and would keep the chief over the other 2.

I got my SPYYs from Cyber Monday, so it only cost me $100.

Also, how much exactly would the 2 SPYYs be worth(monetary terms)?

In that case it’s more of a fair trade. And it depends on who u ask.

Since I could care less about cubes or any of those yoyos I’d go with the Chief. No clue what the value of the cube is but I’m certain I could turn over the Chief for more than I could turn over both SPYYs in a shorter time frame. Plus Chief looks great in Ninja Hurdles.

That cube is way overpriced but worth like $30 new I believe. But I agree.

I disagree.

It really depends on how much you play/like those two yoyos. If you play them a lot and enjoy them, why trade? If not, what do you have to lose?

If I were you wait it out with the Spyys until mint is hard to come by so you can make a better deal along the line. And also there are plenty of chiefs floating around now if you wait for a few Months you would probably find a better deal.