Should I or should I not?

I’ve been asked to perform for a church camp, but this will be my first time I am going to yoyo in front of a big crowd. I want to know if you guys think I should do it or not. Also jot sure if they will think it is cool.

I definitely think you should. Performing in front of a respectable audience is a great learning experience. Trust me, nerves will hit before the perfomance. Dont worry about it. The biggest hill is getting up on stage. After that, everything else follows. O remember my first performance for BAC. So nervous I wanted to bail. But once I got on, everything was fine. It was just the music and my yoyoing (well I guess also my friends cheering me on :D). I really dont think theyll find it boring or uncool. Everyone likes seeing something thought they knew be shattered by a pro. Even if you know very few tricks or your combos seem lacking, remember 99.9% of the crowd only know of the yoyo coming back and maybe around the world, walk the dog, elevator, rock the baby, etc. I completely 100% encourage you to do it! Ill be cheering for you :slight_smile:

Definitely yes. I guarantee that the majority will find it cool, even if one or two end up being indifferent.

I say yoyo whenever and where ever you get the chance, especially in front of large crowds.


Thanks guys, I’m going to do it!

Yes you should. If you have a handful of tricks beyond rock the baby, you will be perfectly fine.

Yeah I know ladder escape, Peng Pong, Lotus Bloom…

I’m glad you’re gonna do this, man! This will be a great experience for you and the people in the audience! Plus, great practice for competition, if you ever plan on it! :wink:

Thanks Bro that gives me way more confidence.

You should.

You should. You may get some people into it!

Do it! I was at a community market fundraiser today and someone saw my yoyo and asked if i knew rock the baby ha. So i busted it out and other tricks, they were pretty amused :wink: