Should I make this trade?

Ok so I would be trading my mint purple with silver speckle BvM2, near mint Adegle Asteroid, and 20 strings for a Mint Camp Caribou CLIFF.

Should I do this or am I giving too much?


If you really want the Cliff, then go for it.

It’s a rather fair value trade.

It’s up to you if you want the over-sized Cliff or not.

personally I love unique yoyos. Like the GE and cliff really catch my eye and I would love to try one. Although my current go to through is the YYF New genesis. (Its still unique in its shape though)
to me the BVM2 looks too “boring” so to say. even though I heard it plays amazing and it super smooth. Im not saying its bad. Just personally I would prefer a Cliff over a BVM2. So I say go for it. Plus I love trying out new yoyos. so yeah. Why not? Plus the camp caribou colorway is really cool

Ok thanks a lot guys!!! I’m going to go for it!