Buy My MINT CONDITION YYJ Unleashed for 15 Bucks... Or for TRADE(prefered)

(YoBroJRoll(jeramy)) #1

i bought a yyj unleashed about a week ago because at the time i got interested in looping. well, it turns out im not such a big fan of Doing it. so i put it back in the box and it is still in super mint condition, works perfect, no scratches or cracks or stains or anything. it is blue. i am willing to trade for a yoyo with metal on it, or for 15 bucks. comes in box. Also i am willing to throw in 2 black SLICK 6 strings. message me. also, i would prefer if you lived in the U.S. thank you 8)


Isn’t it only $18 to buy new?

(YoBroJRoll(jeramy)) #3

i mean i was throwing in some extra string, but i could just drop the price down to $15-16 with some string

(M.DeV1) #6

how does a duncan metal drifter sound for it?

(YoBroJRoll(jeramy)) #7

that sounds pretty reasonable, what shape and color is it in?

(M.DeV1) #8

well i have black and blue. both have a few love marks but i can sand them down if you want. only the black has response pads so i reccomend you take that one.

(YoBroJRoll(jeramy)) #9

sounds good, black it is

(system) #10