For Sale - Brand New YYJ Speedmaker

I have a brand new condition black Speedmaker Yo-Yo with two strings. I bought this yoyo a month ago and then shortly after got a Dark Magic that I love so I have no need to play with the speedmaker. It is in perfect shape and has only been throw for a couple weeks and usually only a couple days a week for about 10 mins. I will flush the bearings and put brand new lube in it once you buy and with 2 new strings, a beginner or intermediate yoyo thrower will be set for 2-5 months with no work needed. Uses ball bearing technology and can sleep for 30-60 seconds. This yoyo is PERFECT for someone looking to expand on their tricks and get into string tricks.

Brand new worth over $20, buy today for $10

This guy is awesome! Buy from him! Very trustworthy!

  1. It’s not “brand new worth over $20”, since a brand new Speed Maker costs 15.30.

  2. Where are the pictures?

  3. $10 shipped or what?