For Sale Or Trade: 2012 Rockstar, Mint in Box

OK, so the box isn’t so mint. I offer for trade or for sale:

2012 YYF Rockstar, Green/Yellow Acid Washed. String missing. I will include a YYE 100% poly string or another string from another YYF yoyo if I have one around that’s been unused.

Never played, never thrown, never strung up. It was removed from its box by it’s previous owner to photograph to sell it. I bought this as part of a bundle. Nothing is wrong with it, it’s just not a yoyo model I am interested in. The only damage is the tear on the box.

Asking $70. This includes USPS Priority Mail in the small box to anywhere in the United States plus delivery confirmation. I may consider international sales, but you’ll pay the $70+actual shipping. No international trades, no international exceptions.

This will last for 1 week and will end if not sold on July 16th, I’ll just keep it.

Payment: Paypal as gift. Item will ship either Saturday the 14th or Monday the 16th. It is unlikely I will be able to ship before then. I have a large concert for Friday, the 13th, so I will be unreachable or at least unwilling to deal with this issue on Friday as I will be 100% pre-occupied with setting up for the concert.

OR: I’m open to trades, including trades + Cash/Paypal towards something I want.

DO feel free to direct me to your BST postings. If you have a link to get me right there, it’s appreciated!

YYF’s I am interested in:
Superstar, solid metalic blue Made in USA or blue with silver splash
MVP, the clear Paul Kerbel Edition
A pair of Unleashed 900’s, blue, yellow or red, no Neons or Shaquler editions

Not really interested in anything Yomega right now, so please no offers with Yomega in it.

Duncan: Raptor and Echo, blue

Lots of other stuff. See this:

I’d just have to see your offer. Feel free to offer other items not on the list.

Stuff you might not want to offer, and these are also not for sale.
(there are exceptions, see the other link)
Please note the background that states “not for sale”. It’s kind of a hint. Thanks!
(If you can’t figure it out, they aren’t for sale, that’s why it says so)

Locking the thread except to bump. Please send all offers via PM’s. Thank you!

Tuesday Bump.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday Bump. Keep them offers coming!

Thursday Bump.

Coming back from work and want to make an offer? Go ahead and present your offers. Thank you for checking my posting and my links.

Friday bump.

I’m doing sound for a concert today, so please do not expect a reply until Saturday. Don’t let this stop any offers. HOWEVER, if you do make me an offer and then end up scoring a deal with someone else and the offer is no good as a result, please also let me know as well so I don’t waste your time and my time.

Thank you!

Deal Pending. Straight up trade of the Rockstar for a yoyo not on my list of wants, but something I just hadn’t considered.

So, bump just to see what else bites, but I’m like 98% sure I’m gonna take the deal that’s been presented.

Thanks so much for looking! And if you’re thinking of selling then do feel free to visit this page for items I am for sure interested in:

Again, thank you.

I will resume buying in August.

i have a mint yellow northstar and a near mint superwide if you are interested

I forget to lock this to avoid littering this up, and there ya go.

No, not interested in either item.

All offers should be done via PM.

Trade made. Sending out Monday.

Thanks for looking! Check out the Ophanarium page for stuff I want to buy!