Should i give up on my equilateral for trade?

I traded a watch a while back for a red, champion equilateral, thought it was a good deal but ended up wasn’t, right? I mean, I look on bst, and they go for cheap, and that’s the mint ones. Mine has one tiny scuff. (my fault not sellers) And now i just saw one, near condition as mine, for 20 dollars. Should i just give up on selling it and just play with it with out worry? Seems like no matter what I’m not going to get that high of value for it. What do you guys think?
If this comes across as a bst advertisement, it’s not, but if it does, feel free to delete it mods.

I say keep it and make it a walk-about player. It is in my top 5 favorite throws…It is comfortable in the hand, spins a long time, feels floaty and fast. I got two in mystery boxes a couple years ago and did not like it at first. Then I played it for a few hours one day and fell in love.

I throw it on a holster and wear it at work without worrying it might be scuffed.

That’s what I’m thinking. Don’t know why it’s not a hot sell, IT’s a great throw.

main reason why it isn’t a hot sell is most everyone probably already has one or has had one at some point.

that said, I’ll buy it off you for 20. :slight_smile:

They just aren’t, eh idk… good really, but I guess that’s my opinion. They just feel cheap and light, and aren’t very stable. Again, just my opinion.

But it did seem like Mickey, during the freestyle at 44Clash 2012, swapped out his Equilateral he was demoing with for one of his own sOMEThING throws.

EDIT: Nope, swapped for another Equilateral in another color. My bad.

They also came in last year’s mystery box sale (2013, not the most recent). So it’s possible there are a lot out there. I agree, though. It’s a great throw. I hope the watch didn’t mean that much to you, but you never know. There’s a chance this yoyo could mean quite a lot to you in the future. Sometimes people get attached to a certain throw because it’s the one they use the most. Have fun with it! There’s plenty of ways to find out the time. :wink:

They did? Darn. Thats why. But then why are some of the regens going for like, 30 or forty? the equil was a 110 throw now for for 20? the regen was a 50 ish dollar throw for 30-40? Seems off. I’ seeing if a friend wants it first, then if not, Then I give up. XP I’m just gonna play with it. XD

Nah man. Not gonna trade it off for chump change. I asked if someone i know wants it.

have you thrown one of the champion ones? It’s an amazing throw. Finger, hand and thumb grinds are all easy, super wide gap makes string tricks fun and it’s super flowy and awesome. Plays on par with yyo brave and my dang.

I’m just guessing, but maybe because the Regen was a short run people are trying to sell it for $40. Are they really getting $40? I’m not sure. And the BST is not all about getting a good playing yoyo. In a lot of cases, it’s getting a rare one, or, once again, one from a company that produces short runs. It’s more based off of availability than original cost.

I go on bst and find good deals for a lot of stuff that i want. I picked up a proto and duncan for cheap and was happy. But it just seems like if you don’t have a CYLW There’s really no point in posting or trading it seems like.

True, you can find some very good deals on a number of yoyos. It’s also true that there is a large attraction to CLYW. Their yoyos are not only good quality, but really pretty too (anodizing is a big draw for them). But One Drop, G2, General-Yo and others are also highly sought. You’re dealing with a niche market, and that small group of people is looking for an even smaller number of yoyos. There’s really very little money to be made in after market sales. If you think giving it to your friend will give you someone to throw with, then I think that’s a great idea. But if he’s just going to throw it in a drawer, I say keep it and get the most fun you can out of it. Try not to see it as a loss because in a couple of years, you would have outgrown the watch anyway. You might never outgrow yoyoing. I’m an old man and still love it.

Totally agree. that’s true. I guess since i mostly traded for it to be a bst yoyo, I was disapointed. Doesn’t matter in the grand sceme of things. The watch was a watch i just happened to buy while working at fossil, so in the end i got a better deal any how (Half off is nice XD ). My friend is sponsored, so I’ sure he’ll find time to us it, and he’s done me a pretty good amount of favors so this can just be my way of paying him back.
And I’m 20 XD If I out grew the watch, I’d weigh a ton. XD And I know I’ll never out grow yoyoing. So much fun, good hobby, helped me when life was tough on me, converstation starter, my girl loves it, it’s good to be a yoyoer. :slight_smile: