Should i get a phenom?

Sorry i have been posting a lot of things regarding what yoyojam yoyos should i get i cant decide but after this i am done so how is the phenom or the phenomizm they look great and i really want a good yoyojam throw the phenom is a little expensive but if its good ill buy so please tell my About this thanks in advance

Not so sure that this is a review…maybe it should go in the “Looking for Help/Recommendation” section…LOL.

Anyway, I played with a Phenom Ti at Worlds, and it is okay. I thought that it was pretty floaty (as in too floaty) and the angle of the V-shape was a bit much for me.

If you are looking for a nice YYJ, though, look no further than the H3X! I also played with one of these at Worlds. So good! Good bit of heft, nice shape, and it looks super awesome!

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This is one of those throws that’s really centered towards certain people… This yoyo is fast, not made to go at a slow pace. It’s built specifically for 1A and excels at it, not so much at 3a or 5a. If you like a fast throw, then this is a great choice. It’s a fun throw. I love everything about it except one thing… It’s not the most stable thing in the world… It’s not as stable compared to other high ends in my experience… But it’s not unstable. It also has a slightly hollow feel to it because of the caps. This throw is really centered towards a certain group. We’d be able to help you out more if you told us your preferences.

sorry bout that i have a genesis right now and i love it but its not that fast , i cant do horizontal tricks well with it and its a bit heavy which isn’t a bad thing its just i want to try something lighter , a bit more floaty and something to tackle any trick with

Oh and i really only do 1a

The Phenom is lighter, and is V shaped, both of these attributes make it a fast demon. I havent tried a genesis but I think it’s more stable than the Phenom. The Phenom is a beast at horizontal though so if you like that, it’s a good throw to learn on. The Phenom’s also pretty floaty.

Trust me, the Genesis is great for horizontal. It’s one of my favorites. And Luis Enrique uses the Genesis, and he can do some pretty good horizontal ;).

The PHENOM I haven’t tried, but I used to own a PHENOMizm and was really nice. Fast and stable. The PHENOMizm (and I’m assuming PHENOM) are actually solid and on the heavier side.

I’d disagree with a lot of this. Alex Hattori uses (or atleast used to, I haven’t seen him in a pretty long time) 2 phenoms for 3a. I’ve used a phenom, and owned a phenomizm for a long time, and they were both pretty dang stable from my experience.

Super stable and more comfortable than you would think. I don’t think it feels hollow at all. I adore my Phenom.

If I were you, I’d go with a diamondback. They’re so good!