Should i buy....

alright so im thinkin of getting G5 classic edition. Is it a yoyo im gonna play for a LONG time or something ill be like eh its ok within 4 - 5 months?

defiantly you can never go wrong with a g5. heak you can’t go wrong with yoyofactory. but you will have to replace the response.

keep it spinning

Agreed. YoYoFactory are awesome. I cant really answer your question as I do not operate your body, so I wouldnt know how you feel. It varies from person to person. I could use my 888 for a year and not complain. Other people need variety, and they get several yoyos, and just switch off every day, week, month, etc.

So really, it depends how you feel. The G5 is awesome, no doubt about it. From time to time, I miss mine. But that question is nearly impossible to answer.

Do they even make G5’s any more?

Yes. Where did you get the idea that they stopped making them?

Check yoyonation they just restocked and are in stock here too!

you already picked g5, so this thread is now useless…sorta…