should i buy something with my burnside?


I was wondering if I should buy something (bearing,axle, etc) with my od Burnside. I don’t think I will need a bearing because it comes with a 10 ball. Thx.


If you take care of your Burside, your need for an axle should be negated. The odds are in your favor of not needing one unless you just like abusing your stuff.

As far as bearings are concerned, there’s nothing wrong with the included 10 Ball. I have swapped out the bearing for Trifectas in my Burnsides(I have two) because for my preferences, I felt this gave me a better feeling. For now, take the yoyo stock, no changes.

An option to consider would be One Drop VM4 lube, but if you already have YYJ thin lube or YYF thin performance oil, you’ll be fine.

So, the only thing left are Flow Groove pads and string. Flow Groove pads seem to last a very, very long time, so now we’re down to string, and for that, I will leave you to make your own decision but I am liking Ammo, Type X and Trixta string a lot in my metals.


Thanks, my supernova is becoming a little responsibe at times, should I put thick lube on it? Is it like the bearing or something?


Thick lube will only make it more responsive. I usually never worry about lubing my bearings unless they get excessively loud and when that happens I use YYJ THIN lube. Or you can use the one drop or yyf thin lube.

Oh and the burnside is a great yoyo. No need for another axle. Maybe pads if you use only that yoyo excessively but it’s not 100% necessary. As for the bearing, I like a bearing with a groove in the middle, but not 100% necessary either. You just need yoyo string; I just use whatever I have and have no preference.


The axles on One Drop yo-yos are glues in using Lock-Tite. No need for a replacement. I would recommend getting a bottle of V4M thin lube, a couple packs of your favorite string, and maybe a set or two of replacement pads. I have had my orange Burnside since November of 2011 and I think I have had to replace my pads twice in that time… it could be only once now that I think of it. Impressive considering that the Burnside has been my grab and go yo-yo almost 90% of the time since it entered my collection.


So to make my supernova unresponsive I put thin lube? Or get a different bearing


clean the bearing then use thin lube.


I would recommend cleaning the bearing. Any liquid lube will increase responsiveness. Thick lube will be a massive increase, thin lube will be MUCH smaller and will break down faster.


For a similar price you can get a c3 mo-tivation