Post your #shotsfired posts here! Any yoyo-zingers you got or any aggression you have to get out in a clever #shotsfired post belongs HERE.

I’ll start:
I can see you gave up being good at yoyoing for lent. #shotsfired #bangbang

Wow I was sure the #shotsfired thing had died out by now.

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Shots fired!


Your mom is like the puffin. It’s too wide. #bangbang #justkiddingdontbeangryimsureyourmotherisbeatuiful


I don’t need to take potshots. My skills speak for themselves. #tagem #bagem

Shouldn’t you ask for something for Christmas that you can actually use?

Showing off isn’t going to well for you, unless you’re showing lack of skill.

I can do more on a Duncan metal drifter than you can do on a CLYW chief.

I’m glad you like collecting yoyo’s, because that’s all you’re good at.

I feel really mean after that lol

this one tho.

Fingerspins are overused and mainstream now

The seat of your underpants looks like root beer blizzard. :smiley:

I like that one lol

I’m going to leave a yye splash on ur face !

Not directed at anyone in particular…but I’m on a roll:

Your teeth are so rotten, they look like the splash on my mystery box Equilateral: :smiley:

It’s St. Patrick’s day. Maybe with the extra luck, you’ll be able to land that ‘good’ combo #shotsfird #bangbang

Your yoyo design is worse than the RevG #bangbang

Your arm combos are more boring than a museum of the history of boring things #bang #badabing #badaboom