Short cut on spirit bomb...


I was messing around with Wrist mount and I noticed that…

  1. Go to the two strings nearest to the left at the bottom.
  2. Take the one furthest to the right out of those two
  3. Pull it underneath the yoyo and you end up in the part two steps onwards!

Sorry about the compicated instructions…

Is this taken or what?


Really, there should be no short cut on a trick. Think about it this way - You could do the first trick in this video:

Or you could do the normal over the wrist GT. You end up in the same place, right?

This is why I think shortcut tricks don’t work.

Yup, it’s like Plan D. There is a really fast and easy way to get that picture, but the real trick is all the stuff you do to get into it.

Yea, if you take a shortcut to get through with the trick… it’s not really the same trick.

whipped cream is awsome. :smiley: