Short 5a with Freehand 2

YoYo:Freehand 2, siliconed and a clean Center Trac
Song:Beat Messiah by Cor Veleno (it’s Italian!)

I just put the caps on backwards so they look white  :smiley:

Believe it or not, i could not do this combo/trick stuffs (and an easy one at that) at all on my bassalope, and with the freehand it just clicked.  Which makes me wonder why I wasted $115 dollars on a yoyo I don’t even like, sigh…

Next year at PNWR or BAC, i’ll compete 5a with these Freehand 2’s (i will practice a lot more!), and 1a with a metal yoyos  :P.

Tell me what you think!

And epic shirt FTW!