Shop Filters

You guys should allow the ability to filter yoyos by shape.

Give me a definite answer as to what shape the following yoyos are: turntable, horizon, octave, MVP, and avalanche.

To me personally, shapes aren’t always easy to tell, even the slightest difference and people will call it something else. My opinion, maybe I’m just horrible at shapes though.

Filtering by shapes is a tricky one. Most yo-yos these days can fall into multiple shape categories. We would have to go through and tag every yo-yo with what we ‘think’ is the correct shape. It would be a lot of guesswork and not really an effective sorting system.

We do have some other ideas we are planning to implement for filters, but we’re still working them out and it may take some time.

Whoops didn’t consider that. Guess you’re right

How about a sort by rating option?