Shooting Star Suicide And How To Add Suicides


Shooting Star Suicide by Me :slight_smile:

How To Add Suicides To Combos and Tricks to make the boring exciting :slight_smile:

(Infinite Chaos) #2

Sweet! Thanks for the vids Brett! Definitely going to learn some of those in the last video! :smiley:

(Eleazar) #3

Shooting star suicide, definitaly going to work on that. 8)


Once again I must call you the Master of Suicides. ;D

(Shisaki) #5

No offense to Brett but Hardcorejesse22 PWNZ at suicides. He can do a quintuple (5) suicide!


Agree 10000000000% Jesse is my Suicide Master I am just a young grasshopper.


So you’re NOT human…

I knew it!!

(Infinite Chaos) #8