Suicide Combo Contest

Hey guys!

At the suggestion of Luke Reinert I have decided to have a Suicide Combo Contest (or a best suicide contest) on YouTube. I am giving away a MonkeyfingeR Design Evil-Yo to the first place winner, a pack of Type-B strings by TwistedStringz to second place, and third place will get two shots of monkey snot from MonkeyfingeR Design. (That’s silicone to use for making your yo-yo come back ;)).

For all the rules, pictures of the yo-yo’s, and a video explaining the whole thing, go here:

You have until the 15th, so get cracking on those suicides!


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I should do this!!!

YES! Yes you should do this! :slight_smile:

I wiil be participating in this contest

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

rock on! Can’t wait to see your video :slight_smile:

I have an interesting suicide, that I may be able to put into a combo, I should work on that… :smiley:

I’ll enter.

If I am doing a combo and I want to put more than 1 suicide in but at separate intervals, is that acceptable?

Hmm. I was wondering the same thing…

how do i enter and post vid? Just post it on this thread? And can we do multiple suicides? I have a combo that just involves 5 sucides back to back tho so just 5 tricks in all… And theyre suicides

|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

uploaded mine. now im just waiting for mike to approve the video response :-X

Indeed… I would like to know this as well… I figured one combo was one throw involving a fluid smooth trick. So are we limited to one suicide or can we throw like four in there? I’ve been working on a combo based on a couple of suicides.

I’ll have to work on my wording in the future :slight_smile: You may do as many suicides as you want in your combo, but you may only do one combo (essentially one throw) regens are allowed if you can pull them off, they will be considered a part of your combo.



I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~


I know this is sort of lame:

The first suicide was a suicide off of an almost houdini mount, (Wrapped around my throw-hand pointer finger twice) then the next one was an interesting thing I made up by rolling from a Houdini mount.

I hope you like it!

Oops I posted the wrong one on the reply…

Could I post another? and delete that one?