Shipping to canada?

hi there, i just ordered some stuff from this ste and i’m using the priority mail shipping option to ship it to canada (in other words, the cheapest option). I just saw today after ordering yesterday that it could take 2-5 weeks to get here :o :frowning: ???!

is that legit?
cause that’s pretty bad!

p.s.i live in alberta if that makes a difference.

just wondering.

I live right beside you. In BC Canada. Normally, it takes around 1.5 to 2.5 weeks.

If you order in a very peaceful time, 1.5 weeks is the fastest.

If you order on a very busy time like Black Friday, it will take from 2.5 to 3 weeks.

No, it will not take longer than 2.5 weeks normally.

And, comapred to U.S. this time is not legit. In U.S. it takes 1-5 days.
Keep in mind, wont take over 2.5 weeks. I’ve ordered 3 times and never got over 2.5 weeks.

I believe the issue is Canadian Customs. Most any shipping into another country will have that issue.

it’s slightly cosoling to know that it wont take 5 weeks :slight_smile: … no, it’ll only take 2.5 weeks :frowning: :P.

still not that great!

Compared to Australia, we are much better, compared to U.S. we take a bit longer but you know what? If someone’s gonna have to buy a yoyo in Canada, it wont take longer than yours.

yeah, i guess you’re right.

i’m just a tad annoyed at canadian customs right now.

anyway, my order shipped today ;D

I’m from Cold Lake, Alberta and when I ordered my Sharp it took 5 days. Ordered it on Sunday and got it on the Friday. Just ordered a Northstar so we will see how it goes this time.

great! that’s awesome! ;D

ty :wink:

I’m in Manitoba, and my first 2 orders arrived within 2 weeks. My current one still hasn’t arrived and it’s been over a month. So normally it should get there quick, unless customs messes things up.

Everyone else seems to be receiving their orders fairly quickly so you shouldn’t be waiting too long. :smiley: