Canada shipping times

Im originally from Canada and still live here for 4 months of the year. I Recently made my first order to here an was wondering whatbcanada shipping times are. I know to Chicago it took about 5 days, but it’s been a week and a half and dying to get my hands on my new Capless. Thanks,

Canaduh - probably about 6 months, unless it’s winter then you can add a couple more. :smiley:

(Given customs and all, two weeks is probably a good guess.)

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My PSG took 2 weeks, and I’m in Alberta. Did you get the cheapest shipping option?

Me,in Quebec. It take 1 week with the cheaper shipping

Yea but I’m in Newfoundland. I’m pretty sure I’m the only thrower in the province…

No. There are 500,000- 1,000,000 (more towards 500,000) people in Newfoundland. I’m willing to bet at least one person other than you yoyos.

But seriously, with customs it’ll probably take two weeks from the day that they shipped out.

I’ve done almost everything to find another person in this hole that throws. I’ve found a few diabolo-ers but other than that… No one

Newfies aside, I live on the wet coast and have bought a lot of throws out of NYC and Florida. The longest I’ve ever waited (using the cheapest shipping option) has been 10 calender daze. No complaints from me! That being said, the yoyo I bought from Washington state took the longest time to get here even thou the seller lived 200 miles from my house!

It’s just gonna be any day now, I’m in Ontario and it usually takes maybe 10 days, the father it is the more time, just be patient

Shipping to Ontario from YYE at the most took 3 weeks for me (regular shipping). The majority of the time it takes about 2. Just be patient. I’ve never had a package lost from YYE.

Funny thing though, any other international orders for me have taken no less than 2 weeks. One of the fastest shipments I’ve had was from the orient!