shipping from Singapore to the US

I bought a G5 Prison Break edition from a guy late last month and was wondering if anyone hase a rough estimation on how long it usually takes for a package to ship from Sing to the US.

more info: He shipped it on the 31st of march and gave me a tracking number, has said that it was dispatched over seas on the 1st and says it is still on rout to JFK airport (Also I live in Memphis, not sure if that helps any). Also, I’m going to MOYO this month and am really hoping to get it in by then because my friend wants to see it in person (And I can’t wait to throw it ;D )

Now I know that most likely no one will really be able to help past a guess. But hey, I’d take that over nothing :wink:

thanks for the help

p.s. if this is in the wrong section please tell me so I can move it.

Sometimes it takes longer because of customs. Don’t worry. You should get it before moyo.

i dunt know if this have anything to do with it, but just for estimate;

it takes about 3 weeks shipping from US to south east asia, including custom office thing.


cool, thanks for the info guys. And I’m not worried about it getting here in general, just about it getting here in time for MOYO… that, and I just can’t wait to throw the thing ;D