Shipping cost to Canada

Does anybody know average cost to ships yoyo from US to Canada?

First class boxes run somewhere between $9.50-15.50 depending on weight? Priority boxes are expensive at about $24.50!

If you use Paypal - make sure your price includes delivery tracking.

My experience is that it is more like $40-50 for shipping with delivery confirmation to Montreal (which is REQUIRED by Paypal for buyer protection). I sell on eBay too; Canada Post is notorious for not recording the delivery confirmation unless it is explicitly purchased with International tracking. If you are expecting Paypal buyer protection; you must have reliable, verifiable delivery tracking.

Without delivery confirmation, the purchaser can simply claim they never received the item. If you do not have a delivery confirmation number from Canada Post, eBay will automatically rule against you. You will be on the hook for the cost of the item. Assuming that you did actually ship the item - you are out both the item as well as the price the buyer paid. Your recourse? None.

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