Shinya Kido?

What happened to him? Nobody really talks about him anymore, which is a shame because he’s one of my favorite players. I just started watching videos of Shinya, and I really like his style. And he seems really happy all the time, which is good.

He was at Jap Nats and Worlds this year. Placed 7th and 15th, respectively. I think the fact that it looks like he’s having so much fun makes him fun to watch =)


only one month ago:

also, he’s running an online yoyo store.

Yeah, I saw that and does he run YoyoRewind? And what I meant by “dropped off the radar” was nobody really talks about him.

I saw him yesterday :slight_smile:

I saw photos of that meeting posted on facebook from YYF, from Shinya, and from Mickey! Some serious talent in that photo.


yup, but it might be co-owned or something, I’m not really sure.

It’s run by him, Kazuki Okada and a couple of other guys. But let’s try to follow forum rules here and not discuss competing yoyo sellers.


Ok. If anyone wants to give me his autograph, feel free :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that Hironori Mii is what’s behind everything :3
Anyway, seems like Shinya is more focused on helping at the other store.
I wouldn’t say he’s out of the radar…too harsh.