Shinwoo Techno 2

Is this yoyo as good as the yyf protostar, yuuksta, etc, or better. Because i like to have good yoyos. so yeah i like opinions on yoyos so yup.

It’s more of a beginner/introductory plastic then a competition yoyo. The yoyos you listed are way better then it. But I’m sure there are people who prefer it to there 888 or whatever.

I have a pair of them I bought for learning 3A. In my thought process, no sense in beating up something nice. If I like 3A, I can get something better. If I don’t, I still want to be able to do a few 3A tricks and leave it at that and maybe still get something better.

They are better than the $10 they sell for, but they aren’t going to compete with the other models you mentioned. It’s like like the Whip from a cost point of view. I will also agree that it feels to me more like a beginner yoyo.

Regrets? None. Any working yoyo is a good yoyo, and I like working yoyos so that makes it all good.

However, my recommendation is the protostar of what you mentioned because I have one and I like it. It’s not my favorite, but I like it still.