Shinwoo Dolphin

Is the Shinwoo Dolphin worth getting? I was looking around for a cheap, aluminum yoyo good for handling string tricks. I looked around YoyoExpert and found out about the Shinwoo Dolphin. Is it a throw worth getting for its price?

Well, it would certainly qualify as a cheap(cost-wise) aluminum yoyo. Shinwoo puts a lot of bang in the package for the dollar. If you wanted to take a step down in price there’s the YYF Popstar and JK. A little jump up would be the Duncan Raptor. Jumping up a bit more, there’s the YYF dv888 and the Shinwoo Zen-series

The only downside is the Dolphin is new so not a lot of people have them yet, much less review them. I have a dv888 and am looking to get a Raptor. The Shinwoo Zen series has caught my eye but I haven’t really made a decision about it one way or another. The Dolphin I have to say is an item I’m just not interested in at the moment. I just don’t care for the shape, based on appearances only.

Going back to my experiences with Shinwoo, I can’t say anything negative about them. For what they cost and for what you get, it’s a great value. I can’t see the Dolphin being an exception I have a pair of Techno 2’s, and one of my kids has a Loop. I’m debating getting another LOOP for another kid. The Shinwoo products appear to be priced right. They lure people in with the price, then really please you with the performance. I think the fact that YYE carries it should tell you it’s decent stuff.

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as an owner of an execive amount of shinwoo products( techno2, loopv2 x2, phantom v2 x2, ZEN 2, and ZEN 4) many YYJ (original release of the dark magic, bigyo 2, PHEnomism, Xconvict) and various others, i feel like it’s going to be one heck of a player. i have talked to some people with them and they absoulutely adore them.

i love my ZENs and my PHantoms, the Dolphin uses a new silicone that they first put in the ZEN 6. it appaerntly plays well but doesn’t last all that long.

I’ve played with a dolphin and they’re surprisingly smooth. Defiantly worth it.