Shinji's Yoyos?

What loopers did Shinji Saito use at worlds 09?

loop 900

he used loop900’s


Is the loop 900 being sold in stores yet? And if not, anybody know the specs, or if it uses the same string response as loop 720’s?

We’ll find out when they come out. They aren’t yet, but hopefully will be soon.

Shinji uses them to win the world title just before they are set to be released. How’s that for marketing? (already has one person at least asking about them :P)

They are suuuper good. Like, OH MY GOD, good.

It will literally make your loops much much better.

Awww, that sucks. Not too long ago I got a loop 720. :’(

Anyone here knows what is the Response System of the Loop 900?

(I hope it isn’t “Strings” Like the 720’s :D)

I heard they aren’t gonna be sold.

Where did you here that?


I really don’t know how reliable Tommy Nickels is, but here:

In the comments.

they WILL be released. it was that silver one, i think tyler’s sig that won’t. it is silver/chrome that won’t. Loop 900’s will be part of YYF’s Fall Collection releases. it’s coming out in october/november.

I think they are still working on what they will use. Ben said at worlds “not sure yet”.

it is string. sorry to dissapoint.

:’( I was hoping it was going to have some other response

In 2009 Shinji won 2 world titles. In 2a he used LOOP900 (which is still in development and will hopefully be released in 2010) and in combined Division he used LOOP900 for the 2A element, PocketChange/Offstring for the aerial element and a DNA for the Single A section.



2010?@!!!@@@@@???#@@@@ somebody at yyn said this fall?!

Nooo. I thought they were coming out this fall too. I don’t want to wait until 2010. If they actually are taking that long, hopefully they can change the string response.