shims on a dif

(winterjibber) #1

can you put shims on a dif e yo tank


If you get the right size, yes.


I’m pretty sure you can’t. The Dif-E-Yo shims you see at other stores are designed for YoYoJam yo-yo’s.

(yoyolvr<><) #4

i have a dif e yo wide load. i called the company and they said that i couldnt put them on. it might be the same for the tank.


You might not be able to use store-bought ones, but you can get shims on any yoyo. You might have to make them yourself though.

(Infinite Chaos) #6

If the company suggested that you don’t i would follow that advise. I believe its due to the positing of the axle, its probably designed to have a certain amount of axle within the halves of the yoyo, adding shims could lead to the halves not holding properly (could fly apart if you know what i mean).