Sharper Image yo-yos

Anyone know who made the Sharper Image metal yo-yos? Ever play one? tim

The packaging it comes in says “metal freehand yoyo” so I’d assume Duncan though that’s just a guess.

Edit - A little searching shows it’s made by ACI Brands. A company out of Canada.

I remember those, they’re actually steel wrist-snapping 75-77-gram yoyos using a plastic starbust response. Was going to get one a couple years ago trying to find cheap metals on Ebay as my second metal but opted for a Yomega Maverick instead. The ones I saw were branded as “Konbo YoYo.” Yea, I’m glad I waited on these.

The construction looks to be 2 either metal or plastic end caps, steel axle, steel yo halves, 2 plastic starburst response pads, 2 bearing seat spacers, and the bearing. Can see tons of vibe happening if not assembled just right, and just not something you would really want to use other than just having it in your collection (collecting dust).

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It looks like one of those very first YYF metals [401K, anyone?] without the dial.

Steel yoyo? strange…

Found this info about the maker of the sharper image yoyos. tim