Shall I make pro tutorials

Alright everyone well lately I’ve set myself a challenge to focus on one pro a day and to learn 2 tricks either inspired by that pros combo or in the style of them. Well it’s got to the point where I’ve got 6-7 different peoples tricks and styles down and was thinking of making it into weekly tutorials where I’d post 2 tuts a week and each week would be a different pro I’ve got the equipment to make high quality video with slowmotion I can do different angles and edit them to explain how to do them. Now I want your honest opinion would you watch them and if you would what pros would you want to see
Cheers kray

This sounds awesome. I would love to see Guy Wright and Paul Dang editions. I’m excited.

Cheers for the support and I’ve done Paul dang and I was impressed with what I’ve got and guy write is an awesome one I’ll take a look at that tomorrow, today was joe Wilson

Yea I’d like to see that’s as well…I’m always down to learn a new few tricks.

yeah same here
(few new…)

would love that^^ always love to see some good tutorials^^

I’m still only an advanced player but I would definitely love it once I get better!

The lesser known tricks by Jason Lee (ie. not Figure 8 and Superman), I’ll take some of that! Some Augie stuff that probably doesn’t have names so that you’ll have to call it “That chopsticks combo from Hometown Hero”… yup, I’ll order some of that, too. :smiley:

Cheers for all the support I think I’ll start filming them soon and upload them on YouTube and on the forums if you have any requests from videos or anything like that let me know and I’ll give it a go

hey sir, i beg you for tuts to those two tricks from from: 0:22 and 0:41, i know they might be easy and u want to make only pro tricks etc but please :slight_smile: you can even make 2 tuts in one video, i ll take you for vodka if you ever come to Poland :slight_smile:

I like the look of those tricks I’m down to learning them do you have a link to the video and haha ill hold you to that drink

a just linked that video above? cant u see it>