Pro Combos

Hey Whats up Yoyo Community, I Was Wondering If I Can Get Some Professional Combo tutorials cause i wanna learn complex tricks like the pros do but cant find em anywhere and dont know what there called.

Thanks, And hope To Hear U Sone ;D

i’m not sure if i’m allowed to link to here (if i’m not could a mod remove this?) but i think tuts by xela are pretty pro

Check out Raytsh on youtube. He has some of the most complex tutorials I have seen. He doesn’t give step by step instructions, usually just does the trick really slow. I’ve never had any trouble learning from him. Here’s the link:

Alexis Jancorda-Vadinas is good at tuts too. These aren’t as pro as Raytsh, but good trick elements and such.

There’s also Zammy, or zamstrom, who has headcam AMAZING tutorials.

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I tend to use to save a pro youtube video. The take it down to 25% in Mindows Movie Maker and learn like that if there is a good camera angle to learn. If you want a trick from a video link it and say which seconds so for example :23-:42 and I will try to learn it and make a tut.

hiro has some pretty dope pro tutorials

Can someone make a rethinkyoyo style tutorial of the bnidarge or something trick by xela? Its at the top of the page mentioned by pickachucanyoyo!
I wanna know how to do that kindof trick!

Make up your own ;D I do.

There is always this guy, I hear he makes pretty good tutorials  :wink:

kyle from rethinkyoyo is a god. if you want to approach expert level then learn from him is a must!