Will the 44 clash edition be avalible during christmas time?

Not sure… I bet this is the only run of them… now how long it lasts Im not sure.

im preaty sure the only reson they are selling these are because the yare left overs from 44 clash

No sir. This is the only run of 44Clash Severes and I’m sure they will sell out before Christmas. However, there will be some more editions for you to get!

I think you are correct

And the Severe is one amazing yoyo. So stable, spins forever, good grinds. I think it is my favorite throw and I don’t even own one!

Wait you don’t own and have tried it or never even touched one and it is still your favorite.

My friend is the one who won the yyfcountdown contest, so he got all of them… So I have tried it and it is amazing. I didn’t want to give it back after throwing it.

there will be more instock by then but not 44 clash edition