Seven Summits Color Scheme

I first came up with this idea when the second Seven Summits was released, with the release of the 3rd, the pattern has continued.

So far each of the Seven Summit releases have had color schemes reminiscent of the flag of the country each mountain is located in. Also to note the color schemes on the yoyos don’t match the over all percentages of colors on the flags.(ie. the Aconcagua throw has a lot of gold but the Argentinian flag has a small amount of gold.)

I started looking into to this so I could hopefully figure out which one I would want to buy. But I’m still not sure if this information will help me, because if this is indeed intentional then there are some problems with this pattern.

So first up we have Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Here each color on the yoyo is represented in the flag.

Second we have McKinley in The United States. Of course most of us are probably familiar with this one. Again each color on the yoyo is on the flag, as much as clear can represent white at least.

With the most current release Aconcagua in Argentina. The pattern continues.

Next will be Elbrus in Russia. Here is where we see our first problem. The Russian flag has the same 3 colors as The United States flag. So if this pattern is intentional, then I assume we will see the same colors as the McKinley throw except in a different configuration. A red base with blue splash and white speckle maybe, although unlikely as onedrop doesn’t do speckles much unfortunately. (I like speckles!)

The fifth release will be Vinson in Antarctica. This one becomes even more vexing as Antarctica has many different flags based upon the regions claimed by other countries. After a little bit of research I still can’t figure out which country claims the area Vinson is located in. There is also a flag for the entirety of Antarctica but it’s very limited color wise.

The sixth release will be Kosciuszko in Australia. This flags colors represent the same problem as the Russian flag.

The final release is Everest. Which flag will onedrop choose? Do they recognize the sovereign nation of Tibet? I think they should, but hey they make yoyos not international policies. So the Tibetan flag has a multitude of colors to choose from. It should be interesting, I didn’t want to wait for the Everest release as I figured that’s what everyone would do, but with the color options this one could be quite unique.

What do ya’ll think?

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I love this concept. I never even thought of that. Keep it up. Oh, btw, I am pretty sure that Everest is in Nepal.

plot twist: everest is solid red bc that s the only color shared by the 3 flags

I love those colors and if that is what their doing then thats a killer idea. Nice catch.

Dang. No special Seven Summits green one then. That’s what I was holding out for… Nice pattern though!

Everest is in India.

Edit. Found that himalayas is in India and the highest point of everest is at Nepal China Tibet mix.


There is still hope! ::slight_smile:

WAIT A MINUTE! Oceania’s tallest mountain is the Carstensz Pyramid.

Oh, and Mount Denali is in Alaska and is taller than Mt. Mckinley, just so you know.



EDIT: Apparently, you don’t understand my attempt to be really stupid do you? :smiley: It’s a joke, man. They’re the same mountain.

the pattern continues, they just went all cold war on us. i figured this was possible given the color similarities of the current flags.

Dang! Paul Dang winked at us something is up.

Also nice catch on the color’s

Australia uses green and gold for international sporting events so that could also be a switch up from the red/white/blue.

This is an awesome realization! I’m surprised no one noticed this earlier.

Well this is a great discovery I would say