serious problems


Do you use yoyoing to escape serious problems in order to find a solution?


Nope can’t focus enough when I have such problems


Escaping your problems only prolongs the pain or worsens the suffering.


By escaping I meant escape to focus on a solution, I should edit that


Yoyoing does help me think about my problems, but it doesn’t make me escape them. Why would I want to escape my problems? Avoiding them won’t fix anything. I would rather fix everything and then be happy with that. If it’s not worth it, let it go, if it is, put everything you have into it. Be strong, never give up hope. Life can be a struggle sometimes and yes, yoyoing has helped me think about my life. It’s a great place where I can go and just think about the right things to do or say so that I may fix past mistakes or other people’s mistakes. I don’t like when there’s a lot of drama in my life, so I tend to remove myself from a situation and think about it for a while before I tackle it. If I go into a problematic situation without a clear head, I may only make things worse. Yoyoing really does help me focus on what I should and should not do in life. It really helps me clear my head and focus on things…

So, no, I don’t use yoyos to escape my problems. I use them as a place I can go and think about what to do about certain stressful situations that may occur.

That might be just me, but oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:


Problems that I have no control over: yes!

Problems that I have control over: no!


That’s what I meant by this post but no one else understood it lol


I feel yo-yoing is a better distraction to life’s problems then some other choices. You cant hide from some of them like bills and test and illnesses but it can help make the thought process about them easier. Think about it, you can yoyo anywhere, so when life stresses you out a little your not going to get kicked out of the mall or hospital or library and you don’t need to go to a special area just for yoyoers. Also when you focus on your tricks then go back to something like studying for an exam you might find it easier to focus on those studies better until you start to focus on your tricks again. it is a healthy alternative.


Unfortunately. I agree that it’s not always a good habit, but I found myself throwing more both the couple months before school started last year (my first year of college) at midterm/finals time. Sometimes I threw when I should have been studying, and sometimes when I should have been sleeping, but sometimes I threw to just kill the worry.
I can’t help it if I don’t throw to I’ll surf the internet, or read, do one of other hobbies or find a new one. Go ahead and judge me. I procrastinate, I put things off. So do other people I know, they just don’t do it in the same way.
Sometimes it’s nice to be able to just not have to think.


It depends on the problem, if it is something that has me very stressed out, which is rare because I handle stress well, I cant find any solace in yo-yoing. On the other hand if I am stuck while writing or can’t make a decision about something I am planning, yo-yoing helps me pull away a little bit and see things in a different light. For example, I have been stuck on making a thesis for a research project most of the day, I took a break for yo-yoing had had a thesis in the next 10 minutes.


I use yo-yoing to distract myself from complex problems at work.

I program computers. Sometimes you get too immersed in a problem to see the best solution to a problem. Or; the problem is still too overwhelming to get your head around. That is when the simple, physical distraction of throwing can allow you to mentally distance yourself and forget about the immediate issue. Sometimes this shifting of metal gears can allow you to see answers from perspectives that were not apparent before. Some of my best ideas/solutions have come AFTER a quick bout of mentally distracting yo-yoing.

At the very least; it stops me from throwing my keyboard across the office. ;D


Tell that to every rent-a-cop who has kicked me and my pals out of the two local malls, McDonalds, parking lots, parks, wal-mart, etc. They must have missed that memo. :wink:


If you act polite, and don’t cause a scene, show control of your yoyo they almost will never kick you out of anywhere.
That being said they will do it sometimes.
Been at this my whole life and I was kicked out of one place once, I yoyo in every single public space I am ever in.


Same, I find if I’m working on something and can’t figure it out, yo-yo for a few minutes to clear your head and usually a solution will present itself. Maybe it’s an IT thing? :slight_smile: