Sengoku Shinobi in production

Ironically what you do is against the guidelines. Here is an excerpt of the guidelines

Flag and PM if you have problems
It is fine to offer friendly advice, but please don’t play moderator. While your intentions may be good, it makes you look like a not so pleasant person when telling someone they posted in the wrong section. If someone needs moderator assistance, simply press the flag button on the post and your friendly staff can help!

(I know I know this includes me too)


No I do not because again…I made sure to follow their own guidelines and made sure it didn’t show the source. The screen shot was just to show which one i got lol. No need to make a big deal about it.

What’s the issue? If it’s elsewhere and people have to have it NOW they can go get it elsewhere. At no point did Sengoku use this platform to send people to other shops.

Seems like they were pretty transparent about when people can buy here if they really want to–again no mention of where else it would be sold; and there’s even going to be a YYE-exclusive colorway.
Not trying to pick a fight, I just don’t see why this is a problem at all :rofl:


It is even mentioned there that exact dates for availability on YYE are subject to “international shipping times which are crazy nowadays” which means it is completely out of their hands when YYE will eventually get them.


Personally, I appreciate @Theycallmecotton purchasing it and willingness to give a review.

I’ve been eyeing this yoyo but since I’ve had bad experiences purchasing outside of YYE, I’m not willing to try another site. When this yoyo drops on YYE, I really find others’ feedback helpful in deciding to buy one and also whether I want to adjust my schedule to purchase one the minute it drops. In other words, it can help YYE too since many people are like me and loyal to purchasing from YYE.


Same here. I’d rather wait to get it on YYE than get it earlier some place else.

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Shinobi will be up sometime this week, I’ll make sure to link here once I have the page ready to go too. :wink:



What is not fair are your comments. What you are basically suggesting is that practically I shouldn´t tease the upcoming models at all before release. For many years I set simultaneous release dates because the shippings were predictable… until Covid happened and intl shipping times became unpredictably crazy.
It would be unfair if I start selling the yoyos before shipping to YYE, I always do limited small quantity pre-sales and never advertise them, the buyers are 99% the same as usual, which are not taken from any store customer base. I sold 3 yoyos to america and 1 to Canada (4 grand total), which none of them has arrived yet.
I mentioned an estimate arrival to YYE so people knows buying from abroad would not necesarily have them earlier and without YYE local customer service.
No other America based store will have the yoyo before YYE (only other store that carries Sengoku out of Japan is REWIND USA, which doesn´t have the Shinobi as of yet. )
YYE is the has special colors, which not even the official Sengoku store has it.
An act of unfairness requires premeditation. I have no control over the current situation.
At the end of the day, YYE sales are my sales, doing such thing would be shooting myself at my feet.


We need a sassy girl snapping emoji- why haven’t they made that yet

Excited to get my hands on the raw version. It’s really beautiful.

I stand by my comments. Your claimed shipping issues are irrelevant. Models should be released simultaneously to be fair to all retailers.

I want a red one. :heart_eyes:

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Much the opposite, shipping issues are so relevant that makes a coordinated release a nightmare.

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I thought this thread was really going down the “Get off my lawn you ungrateful kids” trail then I realized it’s actually just that weird Portlandia sense of entitlement.

You always come off as such a negative person… it’s like you are always looking for a way to chime in but I don’t really ever see you have anything positive to say. This is just my opinion of course… you could be a great guy IRL… but here, you just seem to spread a bunch of negative energy from what I’ve seen from you. Let’s spread more love my friend. I hope that you have a blessed evening.



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Mail days like this remind of of how very lucky indeed I am.


First impressions? Trying to get past my hatred of gold-colored things since the rest look squirky-AF, which is my jam.

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First impression?
I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Samurai, but it was the original m shape yoyo from Sengoku.

It really went all in with the crazy my shape, making the steel rims extend quite far past the aluminum, making the whole yo-yo feel like a super wide. It was a weird design, that happened to work really well.

This…feels like the Samurai (still an M shape) but a little more “mature”, less extreme. The M shape is a little more understated, and the performance is what more would consider to be in line with competition throws. Which is a little surprising, given that it has a second set of weight rims.

I’m still playing though. Stay tuned…