Sengoku prototypes

Name is Louie Seda on Facebook

As much as this pains me people who know me knew I had the biggest sengoku collection ever but due to dad duties I had to sell 98percent of my collection I have to put the final pieces of my collection up for sale to finish paying for daughter trip to wrestling nationals people who wrestle in high school or follow wrestling know how big going to fargo is so to finish paying for the trip I’m putting these last 4 throws up sale 3 of the throws are mono metal alumigo hard the same metal used to make the masamune and the last throw is a prototype of the yotricks canon that never got release all throws will come with a takeshi dice and turning point string the price for each throw is the Brian Melford price of $84.37
Gold one with engraving is on hold everything else is for sell

The bright gold one is prototype canon


I wrestled in high school. Big congrats to your daughter for making it to nationals. That’s not an easy accomplishment!!! Sadly I can’t help with getting her to Fargo but I wanted to send my best wishes and best of luck!

Someone cop these throws so this man can get his daughter to Fargo!!!

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Thanks man this is actually her second year making it fargo I don’t know if you still follow wrestling at all but my daughter was one of the girls that did the grapple at the garden show for beat the streets


Price drop all 4 throws for $170