FS: Sengoku Masamune - keeping

Looking to sell a masamune I recently acquired from this forum. I’m new to yoyoing and frankly its just more yoyo than my skill requires so I’ve decided I’d be better off selling this and getting a couple of cheaper yoyos so i can experiment more and try some different shapes. Anyways, here it is!

Only marks I really can find are what looks like little scratches in the ss rings but I cant actually feel them with my finger. Has some vibe (was forewarned and was like that when I received it) but seeing how few yoyos I’ve touched I dont think I’m qualified to comment on it, might try and take a video and upload it later so people can judge for themselves. Let me know if you have any questions or want anymore pictures!


The Masamune is one of the best of my “keepers”. It is a brilliant yo-yo. If I were you; I would keep it. You will be hard-pressed to find something better for less money.


You’re making me second guess myself now, guess I’ll have to sleep on it!

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Definitely don’t put off trying different shapes and sizes. Over my years 15(35 ish really with some long breaks and rediscovery periods) years of serious obsession of throwing I’m finally settling on undersized yoyos around 50mm or 60g or under. I really like floaty and slower fun personally.

Try em all out and eventually you’ll find your own favorite throw! I do agree that you shouldn’t trade up your current throws until you’re absolutely sure. If money is a problem then do what you gotta do, but try buying used whenever you can to try em out!

I’m currently attempting to rediscover responsive play and wood yoyos to reignite my original love for yoyos. Got a few incoming to test the waters!