New Sengoku

I got a new yo-yo in for review… and well I will just let the photo speak for itself. Meet the Masamini next to its bigger brother, the Masamune.

I really want a Masamini, I just can’t afford one.

Where can I purchase one of these?

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

really curious about how it play ;D

As far as I know, they had to be bought directly.

Masamini?! :o When was it released? The date, to be exact?

Masamini! reaches toward screen to snatch it from your hands…and realizes it’s just a photo

I really want to get one of these silly-looking throws! I’m becoming quite a fan of Sengoku’s throws (Currently own the Kenshin which is becoming one of my favorites, and a Hideyoshi). Sengoku’s really creating some fresh things that in my eyes, make it a must own even with my broad collection of throws.

I’ve heard that they did a very limited run for select people but will be doing a full run down the road. Hopefully soon, I really want to get my hands on one!

It’s definitely a yoyo you want to have. It’s an absolute beast!

It may look a little odd, but this thing is the real deal.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I pick up a sub 50mm diameter throw, I become very vigilant in what I’m doing with it. The Masamini is the first extreme undersized throw where I’ve felt I don’t need to be. It can handle your combos with ease.

That is correct…

Actually I agree with everything you said, lol.

I’ve had a blue Masamini since middle of March.

If you ever have a chance to try one; this is what you should do first. Get a pencil and paper. Write down a list of the 10 top reasons you either don’t like or are just plain skeptical about small yoyos.

Then throw a Masamini for about 30 minutes.

Put down the Yoyo and pick up the paper and the pencil.

Make sure the pencil has a good eraser on it.

Erase all your misconceptions.

If the paper is blank when you finish; don’t be surprised🤓

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It does play like it’s full size counter part. I found it to be a little shocking on my initial throw. I am not new to the small yo-yo party, my favorite was the ILYY St. Eel from back in the day. This plays unlike any other mini I have had. I would have to say the paper would be blank. One thing about minis that people bring up are that they are harder to land, and that is true to a point. Smaller means smaller target… on the plus side, once you master a mini, big yo-yos become easier to use.

I am not sure. Julio made several that went to friends. I am actually using his unmarked prototype for the upcoming review, he had none remaining from the initial batch to send. He has stated that he will be making an expanded run in the future. I do not have an exact date but I have heard “Late May” being bantered about for a release date.

Also agreed, this looks like it will play much better than other mini yoyos I’ve played and owned.

There’s one other undersized yoyo I love to death and that is my yyj karma,seems to keep up with the big boys.

I have not played a Karma before, never realized it was a mini. I will have to find one and try it out.

I dunno if I would call the Karma a true mini as it’s 50mm or so. All smaller than my other bimetal throws and my best playing 50mm and under throw.

disregard this I didn’t understand the quote

The Karma is ‘not’ a Mini. Compare the specs of both yoyo links below. I don’t know of anybody that ever considered the 888 a mini🤔

So why would anybody even entertain the thought that a Karma could be a ‘mini’?

Funny stuff

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Simple, because I was tired and misread the width as the diameter. :slight_smile:

I should have saved the headache and said that the karma was undersized.

Nah, no headaches were given so none to be saved from. :slight_smile: