Sengoku New Release! The MASAMINI!

The latest release from Sengoku almost never made it out to retailers. It was designed as more of a novelty ‘for fun’ project, with less than a dozen pieces in production, but once a few players got it in their hands the demand only grew and a full production run was made. This is the Masamini!

Sengoku didn’t have big plans for the Masamini initially, but once you throw it you’ll agree that this high performance miniature Masamune is the best playing pocket yo-yo you can get your hands on!

The Masamini has a straight v-shape profile with some seriously beefy steel rings that give it a really powerful spin and a feel in play of a much, much larger yo-yo. It can handle anything you can throw at it and is probably one of the few miniature yo-yos that actually excels at horizontal play.

If you’re looking for a pocket sized throw the packs enough power to get you through your toughest combos, look no further!

Definitely don’t sleep on the Masamini! Wonderful throw, and have to agree, best playing mini I’ve ever tried and owned.

How does it compare to full sized throws?

I feel like it can keep right up there with a full size throw. Most minis I’ve played suffer from weak spin times and stability. Only thing with the Masamini is getting used to getting a straight throw with it due to its smaller size. But once you’ve got that straight throw down, this thing’s a powerhouse and completely changes the game for minis.

So other than smaller yoyo flinging around, it has the power and stability of a full size.

Just trying to help here. This doesn’t quite make much sense.

These things look great! Too bad I can’t buy one right now.

Originally I think only 10 were made as a joke, for Julio’s close yoyo friends. When photos of it made its way online, the demand for one exploded. This was several months back. Then it was confirmed that Sengoku would do a production run.

I’m sure that typo was supposed to read “production run was made”.

I’ll be watching for your typos now! :smiley:

Typo fixed, now quit checking my spelling and go play with your yo-yos kids! ;D