Sengoku Masamini 2.0 coming soon

Has anyone thrown before a yoyo with a neutron powered subatomic engine?
Me neither, but I suspect it would feel close to this.
The most beloved and requested Sengoku yoyo, boosted, tweaked, downsized and downpriced!
Masamini 2.0!!

(A nice purple color with gold rings coming exclusive for YYE)




Which one do you think has more power? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oddly, looking at the design of the Masamini 2.0, and that huge steel ring, I think that one is the winner in terms of power.


By far, I went really crazy with this. A single ring weights more than the 4 rings in the shogun together.


As an owner of the original masamini and a sucker for small yoyos, I’m gonna have to get this.


Pretty hyped about this! Just picked up a Masamini 1.0 this month.
Can’t wait for more details (price and a date on when they drop).

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I know for a fact that designing a small yoyo can be challenging. Even one that doesn’t end up playing that well.

I am sure we would All agree that designing a small yoyo that ends up playing at a higher level is an Amazing accomplishment.

In these last few years, several yoyos have been released that play very well indeed.

Some people could care less simply because they don’t like the ‘feel’ of a smaller yoyo in the hand or on the fly. And a pretty slim chance that opinion can or will change. Some people just like larger yoyos. Nothing wrong with that.

Then there is the other mindset. The small yoyos that are designed and released, that play much larger than they are. They still feel smaller in the hand. But the moment they are airborne, the combos roll out and the smiles are genuine. People shake their heads and wonder how the performance potential all got crammed into a smaller Beast?

Some time back when I got a Masamini, before I even threw it, my visual impression was, ‘oh damn… rock on a rope’. Boy, was I in for a Big surprise when it first hit the bottom of the string. I am not known by anybody as some higher level Yoyo Killa. I’m just an old guy that has thrown a whole lotta yo-yos and learned a few tricks along the way.

It moves like a much larger yoyo. It has: power, spin time and amazing stability that defies its’ mini-size.

I understand for some, small isn’t their thing; period. Nothing wrong with that. Ice cream may be ice cream. But everybody can get together are argue for eternity about which flavor is the best.

Yoyos are no different. Some like the shape or the size or the width or the weight or the color or the construction material or any combination of those specs…

And considering all the possible combinations, most people end up happy when they finally land on the ‘magic recipe’ that clicks for them.

Smaller yo-yos to the unschooled seem a novelty at best.

But smaller yo-yos that have the, ‘Beast built into them’, can be appreciated for the adventure and performance they provide.

No lazy play with a smaller yoyo. No wiiiiide Landing zone to rely on. No room for sloppy techniques. No… ‘I can do this trick in my sleep’ attitude.

Small high performance yo-yos command you to pay attention and control the situation within the scope of your skill level.

When you hit ‘those tricks’ on Masamini; you reward yourself with a greater appreciation of skills and control.

I love my Masamini. And I am absolutely positive that Julio would not release a Masamini 2 unless he put an extra can of goodness into the recipe.

For those that follow Sengoku. Or just those that love smaller high performance yo-yos. Get ready… I feel a Storm coming…


price will be 99 (plus 10 for the ones with gold rings)
The release date is on may 10th, but that might vary for YYE, since the mail is quite slow because of the covid situation.


What are the specs on the 2.0 anyway? Looks a little wider than the 1.0


Nope, it is smaller in all matters except weight which is the same.
Rings are bigger, it seems wider because the catch zone is increased, but by changing the shape and not the size.
39mm x 31mm 62gr

Here you can see them side by side:


Does the green have gold rings? :smiley:

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Oh man that’s lovely. Thanks for the photo Neo.


what is the diameter?

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Definitely going to have to get now!


Is the cool logo/etching on the purple…exclusive to the purple?

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yes, thats the YYE exclusive color and logo