Sengoku family picture

For Christmas I was fortunate enough to receive a Sengoku Shogun. I thought this would be a good time to take a picture of my small collection of Sengoku yoyos and share their weights (as I’ve been playing them - string weight included).

ECRIP 66.9g. It has a unique (in a good way) weight distribution.
Shogun - 66.9g. I wouldn’t have guessed this weighed 66.9g. Has the solid bimetal feel (but is tri-metal), but, changes direction quickly. Feels like an F1 car set up for a road course that has long straightaways. Controlled power

Hideyoshi 65.1g. Sengoku’s first tri-metal. Plays as fast as I want to play. Changes direction well. Feels like an F1 car set up for a road course - nimble and quick, maybe not the same absolute power as the Shogun. Didn’t expect this to be the lightest of my Sengokus

Samurai 65.2g honestly thought this was lighter than Hideyoshi. Absolutely doesn’t feel like a bimetal, but, performs like one.

While testing, I also included a Spintime Matador (weighing a gossamer 61.0g), YOYoJam Phenom (67.1g) and a Melford Special (66.4g). Matador absolutely felt the lightest. Melford Special felt similar weight as Shogun. Phenom felt a bit quicker in direction change than Melford Special.