Selling some yoyos

I’ve been thinking about selling off most of my collection and wanted to see what i could get
top to bottom
Nats Kickside(not for sale)
AC DM(not for sale, Nats 06 hybrid patriot (Glitter blue)
DV888, DV888(gone), Proto from Spindoctors
Alex Kim Custom Barebones, Disskings Barebones, AVB BVM, Camo SuperStar(gone)
Higby 07 888, Xconvict(gone), Test ano SCLB(pending), OXY3 Evo(gone), Proto from Spindoctors

The patriot has some light scratches-$25
The dv888 has some dings-$55
The protos might have one tiny scratch each of them-$200 for both
The barebones are mint-$90 Each
Bvm has one tiny ding-$100
888 is mint-$120

prices are slightly negotiable and include shipping within the USA

i want teh other dv 888 il give 40 for it or 20 and i will send a shinwoo zen with it