Selling MIB Yogi AC $120 NO TRADES

absolutely no trades and if you attempt to offer me a trade I will kick you in the face if we ever meet in person

you think i’m kidding.

$120 no trades no trades
paypal only, conus only

oh yeah i have a MIB horsehead cascade too. both for $190!

Tough guy. I’ll trade you a hat trick for it. I live in wadsworth, Nevada.

remember that time you weren’t funny!

I’m not trying to “act like a mod” just doing this because you had to get tough on your topic. I don’t see the need for that. you can just ignore the trade offers, duh. and since you were in the community longer than me then you should just automatically know people are gonna offer trades no matter what you say about it. tough guy. vvvvvvvvvvv

lmao stop trying to act like a mod
i’ve been in the yoyo community longer than you have

if you strictly adhere to that one bump per day rule you wouldn’t have posted nonsense on my thread