Selling everything, in one box. Make an offer. OD, YYF, YYJ, etc

Selling Everything. $260 OBO, Paypal, goods/services fees included, shipping/insurance included. Only entertaining offers on the whole box. Trades for synthesizers, guitars and pedals only. Just don’t play anymore. It was a lot of fun and a great time.

Box includes more, but these are the primary things. Also will include some bearings and stuff, some of these may not have original bearings. The only others I bought were buddhas, so the spares should be those.

Most of these are mint/near mint. I can inspect further if needed. Nothing has a scratch that breaks the anno layer.

Benchmark 13 H, black / gray / silver splash, original spike side effects. maybe a tiny scuff somewhere on a rim
Benchmark 14 O, orange. Currently blue ultra lights installed, originale SEs included. Has light scuffs on rims. Still excellent condition. torn box
Cascade, blue, near mint
Deep State, pink/silver/purple. B grade, one side is basically all pink. no vibe from what I can tell. near mint

Yo Yo Factory:
Horizon, pink, near mint with box
North star, glow, near mint
heist, stainless, near mint
flight, yellow, very good condition

Asian yoyo designs:
yoyofficer kilter 2, blue, near mint
magic yoyo t1 captain, blue, great condition. includes extra spacers
Ting, near mint, never sparked

YoYoJam (RIP):
Fiesta Tres, my fav 4a throw, great condition * Classic, silicone response added.

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