Selling a few things.

Everything is mint with the package or just unopened.

Gold Raptor: $15 s One Left[/s]
Purple Benchmark O: $40. (Brand new)
Red Ringmaster
Blue Legacy: $15. (Brand new)
Yo-Yo Miracle Avengements (x2): $20 each.
One Drop Chik (Red)
Shaqler Star: $20
Protostar (Old version): $15
B-Grade Yuuksta: $20
Loop 900’s: $15 for the pair.
H.O.T. (A bit of vibe): $50
YYJ Matador: $10
Metal Kendama (3yo3): Best Offer

PM me if you are interested.

Sebby Brock

Dibs on the whistle ;D

You might want to get on buying it then. It’s first come first serve. ;).

willing to trade?

Wish that sleipnir was for sale.

just so you all know, you can get kuyo traps brand new from retailers for $40…

not even that hard to find online… literally just google it.

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Dude it’s up to Sebby what he wants to sell it for. You shouldn’t troll his BST.

Alright, now that I know, I’ve lowered the price to $35 each.
It took me a long time just figure out what the yo-yo was: It has no branding whatsoever on the “packaging”.

But, for the record, there are only 4 results for a google search of “Kuyo Trap Yo-Yo”:

“Print Page - It’s a TRAP (no, really it is) - Yo-Yo Tricks, Videos …;topic
25 posts - 13 authors - Jan 19
Comment, Like, Subscribe, Share with friends/secret 2nd family/general ackbar etc. YoYo: Kuyo’s YoYo Company TRAP String: YoYoStringLab …
You visited this page on 3/7/13.
Yi Gong : who got the trap 28, 2012 – Yi Gong - : who got the trap . … Yoyo StoreYoyo Supplies … Selling: boss man. hop king. hop king EX. trap. kuyostar. clash 2011; Trade: clash …
Stephen Huang -…/822stephen-huangNoticed something funny on the engravings on the TRAP - Might wanna tell Kuyo about it. … It’s a TRAP no, really it is Yoyo: Kuyo’s YoYo Company TRAP …
Stephen Huang : Noticed something funny the TRAP - Might wanna ……/profileShareNov 28, 2012 – It’s a TRAP - No really, it is. Awesome throw, even if I’m not as awesome. It’s a TRAP 01:32. It’s a TRAP no, really it is Yoyo: Kuyo’s YoYo …”

Anyways, I appreciate your first sentence. It was actually quite helpful. Thanks.