Selling a couple throws.

I needing money for an upcoming event so I decided to get rid of a couple throws. Firm on price. If interested please PM me. I can then provide better pics and close-ups of whatever you want to see. I include tracking on all of my shipments.

YYJ Phenomizm

Nice throw, haven’t had it too long. Great player and very fast. Handles all of my tricks, definitely my favorite bi-metal. Caps included but are a bit smudgy, probably can clean them up nicely.

$45 shipped

YYF Superstar

Half orange/black splash other half black/black splash. Amazing player. Included white stacks. Very near mint. Has what looks to be some small ano flaws on the black side. You can see a bit of the raw color but it’s not scuffed or scratched or anything.

$75 shipped

Thanks for looking!

Still got some stuff to go. :slight_smile:

your genesis for my 888

PM please. Include pics and info. Thanks.

Raise the roof.

Update. Give me RecRevs and take this Avalanche! =D