Selling 3Yo3 Blue Cosmo on Ebay

Hey guys! Just wanted to link to this eBay auction I’m running for a blue Cosmo by 3yo3 in mint condition.

Also, before anyone asks:

Please don’t note me trying to negotiate a deal. I’m not interested in a trade. Go bid on it on eBay if you want it. It’s a very secure method of selling, so I’m going to stick with the auction there.

The the bidding starts at 29.99. The auction is only running for 3 days.

I am shipping it with a YoyoFactory CenterTrack bearing.

Also, I have zero rep on here, but worry not, I have 65 positive feedback (100%) as a buyer and seller on eBay. I’ve sold a number of yo-yos there before with no problems. If you are curious to read feedback from people who have bought them from me there, just click on the little (65) next to the blue star on my user rating on eBay. It even lists what specific yoyos I sold to those buyers.

Hope this item interests you, and happy bidding!