Selling my Aqua/Black Splash Hectic on eBay! (Small Bearing)


Sadly guys, it is time for me to part with my last yo-yo. I’ve fallen on hard times, and have decided to give up yo-yoing, so I’m selling my tried and trusted favorite.

It’s a Yoyofactory aqua and black splash Hectic, small bearing.

Here is a link to the auction:

Not handling deals for this yo-yo outside of eBay. Please check my feedback on eBay, as you will see feedback from many other people I’ve sold yo-yos to on there. I have 100% positive feedback, so bid with confidence.

Auction is only running for 3 days.

Cheers, folks.



don’t quit yoyoing!


ill give you a blue protostar or a half blue and yellow and half green and black pgm for it


Alright, I’m upping the stakes a bit. I’m throwing in 130 strings as well, most of them are Highlights.

2 days left to bid.

Thanks for checking it out!



Just a friendly bump. The bidding has started, so be sure to keep your eye on this if you’re interested.

Ends in one day!



Final bump. Auction ends tonight!

Check it out!

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