sega genesis thread

anyone who still plays sega genesis can post in can post about your favorite
games,your favorite type of games,game genie cheats,or anything else.

Man that’s such an console, i still have mine and its running perfectly! i mostly like sonic and earth worm jim! What’s your fav? :slight_smile:

i like shooters like trunxton,lightening force,and grind stormer. :slight_smile:

Altered Beast and Ghouls’N’Ghost.

i love altered beast,but not as much as tiny toons ;D

i’ve had a Sega since before you were born 8) cool.

anway, not that i had my trip down memory lane and realized im getting older…

i love the Sonic series (i’ve beaten all the games… except that darn first one)
Mortal Kombat series (especially 2)
Comix Zone
Shinobi III (a must have!!! seriously)
Cruisin’ (car simulator)
NHL '93

I’d have to go dig out my Genesis again. I pulled it out a couple of months ago and it’s working like a champ.

Lots of games, mostly sports games I got cheap as a store was blowing them out. I started with a Sega Genesis Nomad(and wrote the officially unofficial FAQ for that), and got tired of holding that large thing when playing games. The Nomad is basically a handheld Genesis with a build in controller and screen, but can hook to the TV and accept a second controller. Anyhow, that led me to purchase a Sega Genesis and I went back into the world of consoles.

Gotta keep it gross:
Boogerman. Favorite game ever! Simple platformer though. I solved it.

FIFA soccer games. I think I have 3 or 4 of them. I’d have to check my video game site for the exact titles.

Mortal Kombat 1-3 or however high they went on the Genesis.

Primal Rage rocked on this arcade stick I purchased.

I forget if I got NBA JAM or not. I have that on the Game Gear.

(I’m mainly into portable gaming systems, but other consoles include the N64, and GameCube, and the Virtual Boy if you want to count that 3D trial as a console. That’s another fun one)

OMG! I soooooooooooo remember the Nomad! That thing was a beast!

game genie + sonic and knuckles + sonic 3=epic win!

What really pushed me to the Genesis was the FIFA games. That white dot of a ball zipping around on the Nomad screen was IMPOSSIBLE to keep track of all the time. So, I had a 13" Sony Trinitron with stereo A/V input that needed to get put to good use.

Then, games started getting cheap as a place that rented games was blowing them out for like $6 each. But, Boogerman, with a title like that, I mean, what’s not to like?

Fantastic system. Wasn’t quite up to par with the SNES, but still a decent system. I even have a 4-way switcher to hook up my systems with, but I have my AV table full of other stuff right now so there’s no room for the video game stuff. Even so, my wife won’t let me play them often, and the kids are into it now(and yoyo). Loads of fun. I enjoy my Genesis.

my room is 1/2 bed 1/4 yoyo/juggling props and 1/4 sega genesis/snes cords and games
its my santuary :smiley:

earthworm jim rules!

Sega always brings me back.
Still have my nomad/ 32X/ Cd

Street fighter 2/ super
Mortal kombat * Sega cd. Ver*
Mortal kombat 2 32x Ver
Kid chameleon
Streets of rage 2
Shining Force
Sonic 1-3 + sonic and knuckles + sonic CD

I love Sega but I put more years on the SNES…
you can’t deny
Zelda : a link to the past
Super Mario world
Super metroid
Mario kart
Mega man x -3
Donkey Kong country 1-3
Mario RPG
Final fantasy 3 6 in Japan
Secret of mana
Super double dragon
…The list could go on haha