Sege Genesis


On Monday I got a Sega Genesis model 1. I got Sonic 1 and 2, MK3, and Street Fighter 2 with it. I also ordered MK2, Phantasy Star 2, NBA Jam: Tournament Edition, Thunderforce 2, and Comix Zone. I’m really enjoying it so far.

Anyway, does anyone else have one? What are some of your favorite games and some you would recommend? How do you like it?

(Jerrod) #2



Sega was my first system when I was a kid. My older brother got it for Christmas one year. I think I was only…3 at the time?

We were sonic junkies, fer sure. We pretty much owned every Sonic game for the Sega. We also had Mortal Kombat (blood! YAY!), Ecco the Dolphin (that storm still scares the pewp out of me), some Simpsons game, Vectorman, Ristar (BEST.GAME.EVAR.), Street Fighter…uhh…kid chameleon.

I had some baseball game for it and NBA Showdown. I’ve played Comix Zone on some collection for the PS2. I’m really jealous of that Phantasy Star game that you have though…hmmm.

Did anyone have a Game Gear? I remember how I wanted a gameboy really badly, but my parents couldn’t afford it so they bought me a used Game Gear at…le gasp FUNCOLAND. At first I was like, “UGH. SO UNCOOL.” but then I realized how superior it was to the gameboy. That thing had a back light and awesome graphics for its time.