sector-y change

Opinions. Do you guys think it is good or bad?

Ill miss it, but i get why the owner is doing it. Just hopes he posts more once every month or two, that’s pretty scarce.

In case you don’t know what i am talking about:

I’m definitely going to miss it. I was the best source to find all the great current videos.

At least he’ll still be making videos! I really like ones he puts out.

Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:

Life keeps me very busy these days, and I’ve had to determine where I want to spend my yoyo time. I would much rather spend that time yoyoing than “working” on the website.

In terms of my actual content output, I expect it to be less than before, but not too much less. For example, this year I made 9 videos. That’s about 1.5 months per video. That falls within my 1-2 month range. So if you were happy last year, you’ll likely be happy this year.

I’ll still be yoyoing, and still hanging out at contests and such. I think the only real major difference is that I wont be posting up other people’s videos. It’s a bummer, but with sites like and, there will still be many other places to get your video fix. :slight_smile: