Second Run Tritons!

(G2 Jake) #1

Love how these came out!




Top right is nice

(2Sick Joey) #4

Yea I’m digging that top right colorway too


Very nice!

(M.DeV1) #6

Dat splash.



Wow. Crazy colorways there. The top left is really doing it for me.


is top left a YYE edition? looks like it to me


No. Green splash.


I like the bottom left kinda captain america thingy.


Welllllll heelllllllooooo, top left. How are you doing today? :wink:


Bottom right

(G2 Jake) #13

Names are subject to change :slight_smile:
Left to right, top to bottom.
Arkham, Godzilla, General Lee
Freedom, and the Majestic


EPIC colorways.


I’m gonna come out and be the first to give the Godzilla some love. Really chill and subtle, possibly tied with General Lee for my favorite.

(G2 Jake) #16

If you look close you can see the the silver is a very slight sliver/blue acid wash. But the blue is very light and blends in with the silver




So are all future Tritons going to have engravings? If so, I might have to bite the bullet and buy one of the first run before it’s too late. The new batch looks great, but I’m not a fan of engravings.


If that picture was better quality, and meant to be photography, then it would be on my home screen right now!

(G2 Jake) #20